All Emotion, pt. 2 – A Game of Inches

A couple weeks ago, I released an episode called “All Emotion,” discussing the shooting of a close friend of mine who also happens to be a law enforcement officer. Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about life in general, as well as his experience and how we, as a community, can move forward to create a safer Durham.

There’s a Storm Comin’ – A Conversation with Dr. Dorrell Briscoe

The new book, There’s A Storm Comin’: How the American Church Can Lead Through Times of Racial Crisis, by Pastor Dr. Dorrell Briscoe help Christians, especially white Christians, really step up and fight for their black brothers and sisters at a time where we can either continue on the same path or take a turn in the right direction. Check out my conversation with Dorrell in this episode.