I’m Not OK and Neither is America

Yes, it is what you see on the surface (the senseless murders of black people by those empowered to do so) and it is deeper than that. It’s the government defecating on the first amendment of the Constitution. It’s the inefficiency of the judicial system to act without bias, even when it has evidence proving its biases. It’s states continuing to pour resources on school systems that are lightyears ahead as opposed to trying to uplift the ones that find themselves forgotten, remembered only when it’s time for an annual review.

This government is failing and it’s doing so terribly. America cannot stand forever if it is on this path. A breaking point is being reached. Every great empire thought itself to be invincible but, eventually, live on only in the nostalgia of history. The present must draw on the recollection of the dead to honor those dynasties. We, soon, may enter the league of extraordinary word powers that once were.

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