Don’t Be Lazy… P.O.C. Isn’t A Coverall

n the past few weeks, I’ve heard the term “People of color” too much when discussing issues that primarily/exclusively impact black people. And, to be honest, that hasn’t just been over the past few weeks. For my entire life, POC or minority has been thrown around as if all communities deal with the same issues and have the same concerns. Let’s stop being lazy and really identify the groups of people we’re discussing.

There’s a Storm Comin’ – A Conversation with Dr. Dorrell Briscoe

The new book, There’s A Storm Comin’: How the American Church Can Lead Through Times of Racial Crisis, by Pastor Dr. Dorrell Briscoe help Christians, especially white Christians, really step up and fight for their black brothers and sisters at a time where we can either continue on the same path or take a turn in the right direction. Check out my conversation with Dorrell in this episode.

Mortal Man Pt. 2

I have had a few conversations about the end of Kendrick Lamar’s song “Mortal Man” from the album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” He truly speaks truth to power on it, touching on the fact that the youth will be the ones to fight back.

I’m Not OK and Neither is America

This government is failing and it’s doing so terribly. America cannot stand forever if it is on this path. A breaking point is being reached. Every great empire thought itself to be invincible but, eventually, live on only in the nostalgia of history. The present must draw on the recollection of the dead to honor those dynasties. We, soon, may enter the league of extraordinary word powers that once were.