Don’t Be Lazy… P.O.C. Isn’t A Coverall

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard the term “People of color” too much when discussing issues that primarily/exclusively impact black people. And, to be honest, that hasn’t just been over the past few weeks. For my entire life, POC or minority has been thrown around as if all communities deal with the same issues and have the same concerns.

In this episode, I dive into that. Let’s stop being lazy and really identify the groups of people we’re discussing. Asian American men aren’t being shot at epidemic rates. At the same time, Black communities were not decimated by European culture so my concerns are not the same as a brother whose tribe has been lied to, poisoned, and forced onto a reserve by the government.

If we are speaking collectively about POC groups, we can discuss two things: humanity (which applies to all humans of all racial backgrounds) and combating white supremacy. Other than that, let’s start discussing issues at a targeted level and, if multiple groups are impacted, be intentional in saying it.

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