Know Your Lane & Stay In It

Last night, two of my favorite artists, Fabolous and Jadakiss, went head to head in a Verzuz battle. While I enjoyed the battle, I also learned a lot from it. The biggest thing I learned was that, to succeed in your own game, you have to play to your strengths when it matters. Practice is practice but, in the game, you do what you do well so you can win.

Sadly, in my opinion, Fab lost the battle, not because he didn’t have the skill but because he didn’t have the strategy to win. Jadakiss came in and set a tempo that didn’t match Fab’s strengths.

On this episode, I surprisingly had my third guest of the series, Kevin. Kev is a bourbon enthusiast and a huge Fab fan. As I was recording this episode, he called and his view on who won doesn’t align with mine (for a logical reason) so I’m glad to have gotten some unexpected pushback.

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