BBQ & Bourbon Ep. 1 – Leading and Protecting As a Black Man

Throughout the month of July, I’m doing a series called BBQ & Bourbon. Now, that’s kind of a misnomer. We won’t have barbecue each time and all whiskeys aren’t bourbon but, as a general theme, those are two of my favorite summertime things and one or the other will be apart of each episode.

On this, my first episode, which I recorded on National Fried Chicken Day (there has to be a day for everything), I had one of my longtime friends, James Hart, on Narratives Over Wine & Whiskey. I wanted to bring James on for a couple reasons, one being that he is an example of a strong, Black faith-, family-, career-, and community-oriented brother. When I need advice making a tough decision James has helped me think through how to move forward successfully time after time. He went from being on my hall during his freshman year to being my VP of BBSA while I was president during my (first) senior year.

On this, my 27th episode, we got into a conversation about being a good husband, gun ownership, homeownership, the current climate in America for Black men, and developing relationships with members of our community, among other things. Our conversation here is not far at all from the ones we have regularly.

Tune in and feel free to leave some feedback.

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