She Thought It Was a… Taser?

I didn’t want to start Season 3 until May because I knew that I’d need to get ahead on some pieces now that I have two pretty new responsibilities, one being the public launch of Daniels Development & Branding, LLC (the company that owns this podcast) and the birth of our son. But I had to do this episode in real time. Duante Wright should not be dead. Warrant or not, the brother should be a live, law enforcement officers, as a whole, should be better trained and educated, and the fight to protect Black bodies is nowhere near over.

Ok… I’m going back to my off season process. Catch you all in May.

The Narratives Over Wine & Whiskey Podcast is a subsidiary of Daniels Development & Branding, LLC
This episode was recorded, produced, and engineered by Deryle Daniels, Jr.
Sound consulting for Season 3 by Laphelle Taylor of Soul Lab Studios
Narr.O.W. Podcast logo, animation, and color scheme designed by Tully Murray of The Good Pixel
Cover art for this episode from Rep. Maxine Waters

Sound effects obtained from,, and
Background Music provided by Audio Library Plus
Track: Lazy Sunday by Vendredi

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